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C.A.L. Worms - FW C.A.L. Sna-Koil - FW Freshwater Kits
Bait Buster - FW BFL - FW PT-7 FW
C.A.L. Paddle - Curl Tails - FW C.A.L. Jerk Baits - FW C.A.L. Shad Tail - FW
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Tough Guy - FW
D.O.A. Lures FRESHWATER Colors

Both professional and amateur bass anglers have been asking us for their favorite colors—we heard you! Now all of our world-famous lures are available in both saltwater and freshwater colors. Shrimp, AirHeads, BaitBusters, Tough Guys, Terroreyz, BFL’s and our whole C.A.L. series of Shade Tails, Paddle Tails, Curly Tails, Jerk Baits and the new 5" and 8" C.A.L. Worms — these are the new secret weapon for your freshwater battles!

Check out the new D.O.A. 5" and 8" C.A.L. Worms!
The 8" C.A.L. is a wiggling, swimming lunker lure, perfect for fishing over grass beds and in the lily pads. The 5" C.A.L. is a heavy bodied worm great for fishing in heavy cover for Large Mouth Bass.

Freshwater or Saltwater D.O.A. is your "Go To" lure.