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The BAIT BUSTER, it ain't pretty but this is a fish catching machine! The Bait Buster is 4-1/4" long, available in three styles: SHALLOW RUNNER: 5/8 oz. with 4/0 hook. A single hook upright offers a medium sink rate and may be fished as a surface lure, or mid-range or on the bottom. DEEP RUNNER: 3/4 oz. with 5/0 Mustad hook, line entry is on the top of the head which keeps the lure sub-surface, great for bouncing off the bottom. TROLLING: 7/8 oz. with 5/0 Mustad hook, excellent for deeper water trolling, fantastic for casting into water 5 feet or deeper.

NEW... SUPER HEAVY TROLLING HOOK: 1.2 oz. with 6/0
Mustad Ultra Point hook are available unrigged in a 3 hook bag (without bodies).

(Note: weights with bodies)

Shallow Runner Hook Deep Runner Hook Trolling Hook Super Heavy Trolling Hook
Weight with body 5/8oz.Weight with body 3/4oz.Weight with body 7/8oz.Weight with body 1.2 oz.

WARNING:This product can expose you to lead and Diisononyl Phthalate, chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.p65Warnings.ca.gov


301 Red 302 Red/Silver Glitter 303 Dark Gr/Gold Glitter
304 Rootbeer/Gold Glitter 305 Nite Glow 306 Smoke
307 Smoke/Silver Glitter 310 Pearl/Red Head 311 Motor Oil
312 Near Clear 313 Gold Glitter 314 Silver Glitter
315 Near Clear/Fire Tail 316 Near Clear/Chart Tail 317 Chartreuse
318 Chart / Silver Glitter 319 Pink 320 Pink/Silver Glitter
322 Moss Green 323 Moss Green/Red Tail 325 Clear Gold Rush
327 Gold Rush/Green Back 328 Red/Silver/White Tail 329 Nite Glow/Fire Tail
330 Pearl 331 Pearl/Fire Tail 332 RedGlitter/Chartreuse
336 Silver Glitter/Black Back 338 Silver Glitter/Green Back 340 Pearl/Black Back
341 Gold Glitter/Black Back 342 Gold Glitter/Green Back 348 Pearl/Chart Tail
349 Purple/Silver/White 362 Silver Glitter/Blue 363 Red/Pearl
364 Chartreuse/Pearl 365 Pink/Pearl 366 Pearl/Moss Green
367 Pearl/Purple 368 Clear/Red Glitter 369 Pearl/Green Back
370 Purple/Silver Glitter 371 Avocado/Red Glitter 372 Pearl/Green/Red Chin
373 Silver/Green/Red Chin 374 Gold/Green/Red Chin 382 Holographic Glitter
387 Holographic Blue Back 388 Holographic Green Back 389 Holographic Black Back
415 Gold Rush 416 Golden Bream 442 Pink Glow