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The BAIT BUSTER, it ain't pretty but this is a fish catching machine! The Bait Buster is 4-1/4" long, available in three styles: SHALLOW RUNNER: 5/8 oz. with 4/0 hook. A single hook upright offers a medium sink rate and may be fished as a surface lure, or mid-range or on the bottom. DEEP RUNNER: 5/8 oz. with 5/0 hook. Line entry is on the top of the head which keeps the lure sub-surface, great for bouncing off the bottom. TROLLING: 1 oz. with 6/0 hook. Excellent for deeper water trolling, fantastic for casting into water 5 feet or deeper.

-- Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our supplier for Baitbuster Deep hooks has had to shut down, and we are out of stock on both until they reopen (soon, we hope!). In the meantime, we are exploring substitute hooks, and we also have plenty of Shallow Baitbusters for sale. Be safe and sane out there!

WARNING:This product can expose you to lead and Diisononyl Phthalate, chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.p65Warnings.ca.gov


301 Red 302 Red/Silver Glitter 303 Dark Gr/Gold Glitter
304 Rootbeer/Gold Glitter 305 Nite Glow 306 Smoke
307 Smoke/Silver Glitter 309 Glow/Gold Rush Belly 310 Pearl/Red Head
311 Motor Oil 312 Near Clear 313 Gold Glitter
314 Silver Glitter 315 Near Clear/Fire Tail 316 Near Clear/Chart Tail
317 Chartreuse 318 Chart / Silver Glitter 319 Pink
320 Pink/Silver Glitter 322 Moss Green 323 Moss Green/Red Tail
325 Clear Gold Rush 327 Gold Rush/Green Back 328 Red/Silver/White Tail
329 Nite Glow/Fire Tail 330 Pearl 331 Pearl/Fire Tail
332 RedGlitter/Chartreuse 336 Silver Glitter/Black Back 338 Silver Glitter/Green Back
340 Pearl/Black Back 341 Gold Glitter/Black Back 342 Gold Glitter/Green Back
348 Pearl/Chart Tail 349 Purple/Silver/White 362 Silver Glitter/Blue
363 Red/Pearl 364 Chartreuse/Pearl 365 Pink/Pearl
366 Pearl/Moss Green 367 Pearl/Purple 368 Clear/Red Glitter
369 Pearl/Green Back 370 Purple/Silver Glitter 371 Avocado/Red Glitter
372 Pearl/Green/Red Chin 373 Silver/Green/Red Chin 374 Gold/Green/Red Chin
382 Holographic Glitter 387 Holographic Blue Back 388 Holographic Green Back
389 Holographic Black Back 415 Gold Rush 416 Golden Bream
442 Pink Glow