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D.O.A. Lures The unfair Advantage
Freshwater Kits B.O.B. Kits (Best of the Best) 2" Shrimp Kits
2.75" Shrimp Kits 3" Shrimp Kits 4" Shrimp Kits
Softshell Crab Kits Bait Buster Kits Swimmin' Mullet Kits
Tiny TerrorEyz Kits Regular TerrorEyz Kits Big One TerrorEyz Kits
3" C.A.L. Shad Tail Kits 4" C.A.L. Shad Tail Kits 3" C.A.L. Curl Tail Kits
4" C.A.L. Jerk Bait Kits 5.5" C.A.L. Jerk Bait Kits
Check out our wide variety of D.O.A. Kits! Freshwater and saltwater fishermen agree, this is the way to get the best buy and most come with a FREE tackle box!

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