D.O.A. Lures The unfair Advantage
PT-7 Shrimp Bait Busters
Swimmin' Mullet C.A.L. Paddle - Curl Tails C.A.L. Jerk Baits
C.A.L. Shad Tail C.A.L. Sna-Koil C.A.L. Swim Bait
TerrorEyz Tough Guy BFL
Softshell Crab
D.O.A. Lures has over 29 different types of soft plastic lures in over 60 colors. Freshwater or Saltwater, D.O.A. has a lure for every fish! The original D.O.A. 3" Shrimp, 2" shrimp, 4" Shrimp, 6" Shrimp, Bait Buster, Swimmin' Mullet, AirHead, C.A.L. Shad Tail, Curl Tail, Paddle Tail, D.O.A. 4" Jerk Bait, 5.5 Jerk Bait, Tough Guy, Terror Eyz, B.F.L. and Softshell Crab.